Mad Woman Doing Genius Things!

Welcome to my Riality!

In a recent incident of bike vs cop car, I fractured my #7 right rib. It’s connected to my diaphragm and my breath became the focus. From this rib, I created Riality.

And this is where the magic happened for the last 2 weeks of 2015, in my papa’s home in nostalgic Kawasaki, Japan. I’m off to Hawaii for a deep 3 week training to start off my 2016 ♥

Happy new year my beloved stardusts! Let the love and magic spread like wild fire!

Riality. Where the magic happened




One thought on “Mad Woman Doing Genius Things!

  1. I’m gawping at all the drawings I know and love. 🙂 Reminds me of a place near me that has all these little craft huts and everybody is busy working on their own thing. There’s a blacksmith, leather tanner, chocolatier, jeweller, painter etc. In another little hut a woman makes gift cards. A little something for everyone. I hope to see these in a book one day. 🙂


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