Disorienting Dilemma

Welcome to my Riality!

Has your world ever crashed on you? Uncontrollable ’bouts of crying? Fret not, you can just be having a disorienting dilemma. It’s caused by a severe awareness of the gap between your expectations and experiences. When shit’s just not working… it happened to me.

Riality. Disorienting Dilemma




♥愛♥梨亜12月2015年 33番

2 thoughts on “Disorienting Dilemma

  1. It’s nice to see part of your life story in cartoon form and it’s also nice for others to use this to reflect about their own feelings. I had a breakdown when I was 26 and there was no one to give advice or to explain what I was going through. I didn’t even know it was a breakdown at the time. I couldn’t even really reflect about my feelings. It just felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks and my life stopped. I needed to be around people that talked about how they felt more often and this cartoon serves this purpose well.


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